Bothwell Forged Fittings Distributor in Dubai

Bothwell Forged Fittings Distributor

Ezzy flow solutions is considered as one of the leading Bothwell Forged Fittings distributor in Dubai, UAE. Our fitting products are highly recommended by customers for their best quality and performance. Customers come to us for the best quality fittings such as Bothwell Forged fittings. Our skilled team does an outstanding job by understanding customers’ requirements and fulfilling our premium quality products. We strongly believe that Fittings must be reliable, and the reliability of the fittings must not be compromised. As the quality of the fittings declines, leakage is more likely to occur in the pipes and fittings, so it is very much necessary that we offer high-quality fitting solutions to the manufacturers.

More About Bothwell Forged Fittings

Pipes and fittings play a critical function in managing the flow of liquid wherever it is required.

  • Bothwell has been producing Forged Steel high-pressure fittings as per ASME B16.11-2009 and BS 3799 dimension criteria since 1985.
  • The main products of Bothwell are high-pressure pipe fittings in A105, F304L, F316L, and other materials. The fittings’ pressure range is 2000 / 3000 / 6000 / 9000 lbs. They are used in various industries such as marine, offshore, petroleum, and many other industries.
  • The spirit of developing of the most sophisticated technique and working for the greatest quality-oriented goods is a significant advantage for Bothwell.
  • Ezzy flow is a leading Bothwell Forged Fittings distributor in Dubai, offering pipe fittings in stainless steel SS316 and steel A105. Our page on High-Pressure Forged Pipe Fittings has more information.

What Happens If There Are Any Defects In The Fittings?

Fittings are generally utilized to change the direction of flow; any abnormalities that appear to be there in the fittings cause the fluid traveling through it to leak, resulting in catastrophic plant damage. Because so many chemical products run through the pipes and fittings, the chemicals could harm the fittings if the fittings’ quality is poor. In addition, the leak causes an explosion.

  • We manually inspect the fittings to see if any evident defects are there or not.
  • After that, we perform a machine-based quality check to verify that if there is any defect present inside the product or not. NDT is utilized to inspect for any holes or cracks detected inside the product.
  • Known as a leading Bothwell Forged Fittings distributor in Dubai, our all products are certified. Many times, the customer requests for product certification and we provide them.
  • We also remind them of the fittings’ expiration date. After a specific amount of time, every fitting must be checked or calibrated.
  • Any future product damage or malfunction will also be reported to us. So don’t worry, if the fittings are still under warranty, we will replace them.